Bicycles were a huge part of my childhood and as I grew up, I wanted to develop cycling into something bigger-something more than just a hobby. I became interested in the mechanics of the bicycle and once I was old enough, sought employment in the repair business.

When I was a teenager, I worked for a few shops that I felt weren’t fulfilling their customers’ needs and were falling short in terms of quality and service. I decided that I could change this by leaving my job and opening up my own shop in 2010. I was eighteen when I started this adventure and now, four years later, it’s grown into a business that I take pride in.

Our Mission

Here at Bicycle Pit Stop we want to serve our community on a personal level. We started off as a mobile service and continue to thrive as one today. We cater to you, no matter how tough the job or wreck can be. We love a good challenge, and are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

Bicycle Pit Stop isn’t just my business, and bike repair isn’t just my job. It’s also my passion.

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